Interactive Postpartum Acupressure Relief Workshop

With Deb Davies, L.Ac. 

December 8 , 2019 | 10am-12pm

San Diego Breast Feeding Center 8325 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942


What You'll Learn:

• What is TCM? Acupressure? Ear seeds? Moxibustion?

• Easy to learn and apply acupressure points to relieve postpartum issues

• Hands on demonstrations

Topics covered

Breastfeeding related issues like low milk supply, slow let down, clogged ducts and mastitis

Exhaustion and emotional challenges

Pain related to vaginal tearing/episiotomy, cesarean, and breasts


Come as a friend, couple, family or by yourself. Work together with a expert!

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$40 per person or $75 for 2